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White, Withers, Masincup & Cannaday, PC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. We strive to meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our professional services include:
Income Tax Planning & Preparation
At WWMC, we prepare and file income tax returns for Corporations, Individuals, LLC’s and Partnerships, and work with our clients ongoing to take advantage of tax saving opportunities, to ensure effective tax-based decisions, and to avoid surprises. We help clients determine the right business entity selection and tax election, and the changes that are appropriate as the business evolves and grows. At WWMC, we stand behind our work and IRS representation is a routine component of our income tax services.
Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll
WWMC can fully maintain the books for your business, manage your payroll process, and file your payroll tax returns, whether through our Thomson Reuters suite of applications or through your Quickbooks or other selected software. As an extension of this service, we offer fully outsourced accounting functions to effectively serve as a fractional Bookkeeper or Controller for your business.
External Audits, Reviews and Compilations
Often tied to a bank, board, and investor need, WWMC offers services to provide the requisite level of assurance regarding business financial statements, from financial statement “write-up” work to a full external audit of US GAAP financial statements and disclosures. WWMC is subject to periodic peer reviews to ensure compliance with the standards our professional requires for these services.
Buying and Selling a Business
WWMC helps clients evaluate business purchase opportunities through due diligence and risk management activities, and financial forecasting and purchase price determination. We also help clients in planning the selling stage of the business, including the valuation, structure, and terms of a sale. We also have significant experience navigating the complexities of purchase and sale accounting and taxation.
Financial Forecasts and Decision Support
Similar to having a fractional CFO on staff, WWMC assists clients ongoing with financial forecasting and planning, and with the modeling and evaluation of significant business decisions. Our goal is to be embedded in the operation with both the technical knowledge and business context necessary to add value to the decisions that substantially influence the course of an entity.
Estate and Trust Administration
Navigating the wilderness of estate handling after a loved one passes can be daunting, especially when significant assets and beneficiaries are involved. From smaller, routine estates to larger, complex scenarios, WWMC helps families plan for this stage and is there to manage the process of this difficult life stage. We also partner with a variety of excellent estate attorneys to carry out these services.
Internal Audit and Controls Consulting
For larger business clients that have internal audit or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements, WWMC provides consulting services to serve these needs. We also conduct hotline complaint and fraud investigations, as well as consulting on the design and operation of internal financial and fraud controls. These consulting services are managed by one of our partners that previous led internal audit and compliance programs for a top US bank, and for publicly-traded companies in the telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.
Personal Financial and Retirement Planning
At WWMC, our goal is to be part of a client’s long-term journey, which involves planning for each stage of life from a financial perspective. This can include budgeting, job and career decisions, insurance selection, college planning, and retirement planning. We have the personal life experience to add significant value in this regard, and we partner with a series of excellent investment advisors as part of retirement planning services.
State and Local Tax Support
For retailers, restaurants, lodging establishments, event venues, and other business that sale, rent or lease tangible personal property, keeping control over state and local taxes requirements can be daunting, especially when e-commerce and multi-state activities are involved. WWMC manages the calculation and filing of state and local taxes for clients and represents clients with state and local taxation authorities in the event of an audit.
Tax Planning & Preparation - Corporations, Individuals, LLC's and Partnerships
Business Consulting
Business Succession Planning
Property valuation
Business Valuations
Management Advisory Services
Bookkeeping/Write-Up Services
Estate & Trust Tax Preparation
Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
Asset Protection
Business Entity Selection
Financial Statements
IRS Representation
Payroll Processing & Payroll Tax Compliance